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David's Divergent Discussions
Being a neurodivergent musician

Being a neurodivergent musician

David with Amity

Come and join David as he interviews this gifted neurodivergent singer/songwriter!

Amity's Links- ⁠https://linktr.ee/amitymiller⁠

Amity's Bio-

Prepare to “rethink everything you know and love about music” (David Lofts, guitarist with The Orb).

Amity’s dark, defiant and dramatic sound has garnered accolades in The Guardian newspaper, who described Amity’s voice as “miraculous” with “dense surreal lyricism”, comparing Amity to Adele and Regina Spektor. It has scooped numerous national and international competition successes, placing Amity in the UK’s top 30 young songwriters in their category this year according to the SAYS panel of industry judges.

Amity’s raw, powerhouse voice - “stunning” according to the BBC’s Anna Foster - and vivid, moving lyrics have made them a regular performer at Sessions58 Rise, where they are the youngest-ever artist. Hailed by Shoreditch’s Q club as “a true prodigy on our stage” and talent scouted by numerous major TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic, Amity increasingly appears at important venues across London with a performance at the Royal Albert hall in the finals of the Future Makers hall fast coming up this autumn.

Praised by Durham Magazine as “profound, broody and rebellious”, Amity’s empowering lyrics are imprinted by their drive for justice, inner healing, freedom and a passion for enriching lives, along the way documenting their own ongoing journey from darkness to light.

Amity, who is autistic and queer, started writing music at 9 and now, at just 16, is writing professionally with Dee Adam (Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Newton Faulkner) and Andrew Kingslow (John Legend).

“The talent Amity exudes is immense. You’ll all know his name in a couple of years”. Trina Smith, EPMG

David's Divergent Discussions
David's Divergent Discussions
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